Friday, August 9, 2013

Automatically make a Raspberry Pi with wifi support

Okay, I love my Raspberry Pi, but setting it up just the way I want got so involved I was afraid I couldn't do it again if I had to. So I wrote a script to automate it, and decided to publish it.

So stop baking your Pi manually. MakeMyPi automates the process. It even configures the WiFi for you (assuming you're using a dongle that's supported by the OS, Raspbian Wheezy).

Visit the project on GitHub


View an asciicast of the script in action
MakeMyPi in action

(Sorry, but right now, it only works from a Mac.)

All you have to do is:
  1. Make sure your own public key is in ~/.ssh/ (which is the default location)
  2. Follow the easy configuration instructions
  3. Run the script and follow instructions; it will ding at you when it needs your attention
MakeMyPi can do the following for your Raspberry Pi:
  • Download an operating system image for you, if necessary
  • Write the operating system image file to the SD card
  • Install its own public/private key pair that you provide it
  • Authorize your own public key to log into it
  • Configure network & wifi (assuming you use supported hardware)
  • Create useful aliases
  • Install helpful and necessary packages
  • Run your own custom provisioning script
Basically, it takes the pain away. No more forgetting how to do certain foundational things. In about 5 minutes, I have a working Raspberry Pi, configured just the way I want, on a brand new SD card.

Have fun. Contribute. Go crazy. Enjoy your pi.