Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pre-installed development tools in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

I'm convinced that Macs are great for development of all varieties.

Open your terminal for hours of fun, right out of the box.

I don't think any of these are unique to Mountain Lion (10.8), but in my transition from Windows to Mac about a year ago, I was delighted to discover these things came pre-loaded:

  • Python 2

    $ python
  • PHP 5

    $ php -v
  • Ruby 1.8.7

    $ ruby
  • SQLite3

    $ sqlite3
  • CUPS (print server; useful for printing to university/corporate print networks)

    $ cupsctl

  • OpenSSL

    $ openssl
  • Subversion (I wish it came with git though!)

    $ svn

  • libxml

    $ xmllint
    $ xsltproc
  • Apache server 2.2.22

    $ sudo apachectl start    # start the server

    $ sudo apachectl graceful # restarts gracefully
    $ sudo apachectl stop     # stop the server
  • Java (JRE 6; running these the first time will prompt to install; very easy)

    $ java   # run a Java program
    $ javac  # compile a Java program

And since they're essentially Unix-based, Macs have the usual dd, ssh, scp, sed, grep, nano, vi/vim commands.